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Looking for a healthy alternative fundraiser to raise funds for your school, community group or club?


You can either take orders from friends and family sell the items individually and or purchase a fundraising box for your front counter or staff room.

Items available for sale are:

  • 50ml tube of Cancer Society SPF50+ sunscreen – Purchase for $5.50 and sell for $7.00 making $1.50 profit on each tube.  Sunscreen orders must be in boxes of 48 tubes.

  • “Hang Cancer out to dry” Pegs – Purchase for $3.50 and sell for $5.00 making $1.50 profit on each bag.

  • Daffodil Pen – Purchase for $1.25 and sell for $2.00 making $0.75 per pen.

  • UV Bracelets – Purchase for $1.50 and sell for $2.50 making $1.00 per band

  • Notebooks – Purchase for $4.00 and sell for $5.00 making $1.00 per notebook



  1. Contact the Cancer Society HB Centre to register your fundraiser.

  2. Download the printed marketing material and give to your students/members to distribute to their friends and family.

  3. Students/Members complete the individual order sheet and collect the money for the items ordered.

  4. Collect the individual order sheet, tally a total and add it to you group order sheet

  5. Email your order to and deposit the funds to acct number 06-0645-0255000-00

  6. Products are delivered to you within 5 working days and you can distribute them to the purchasers. 



Want a pre-made box that you can place on a reception counter or at an event to sell from?


The box contains; 10 x tubes of sunscreen, 5 x bags of pegs, 12 x UV Bands, 5 x notebooks & 10 x pens.


You pay $120 for the box and sell all the items for $170, creating $50 profit from each box!

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