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2021 Women's Daffodil Hoodie - (XS to 2XL)

2021 Women's Daffodil Hoodie - (XS to 2XL)


Legendary NZ artist Dick Frizzell has created this epic design especially for Daffodil Day!


 It follows his well-known format of an object morphing into something else; in this case Daffy Duck turning into a daffodil.

“When I’m under the pump, cartooning is always my #1 fall-back position. It’s pretty much how I see the world really,” Dick Frizzell says.

“The ’Daffy/Daffy' thing stuck in my mind very early on. My first idea was to have two daffodils conversing in Daffy-Duckisms but it fell a bit flat, and put me on the road to the final design…”

Available in sizes XS to 2 XL

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