Otis Frizzell Daffodil Reuseable Bag

Otis Frizzell Daffodil Reuseable Bag


Save a plastic bag and look stylish at the same time with our reuseable Otis Frizzell Daffodil shopping bag.


The design on the bag depicts the Southern Cross which has assisted navigators back through the ages and Otis' use of the daffodils representing the four stars symbolises hope and safe passage for 1 in 3 New Zealanders affected by cancer.


Made from 80gsm PET this bag is light enough to fold up but strong enough to carry all of your groceries.


Size 381mm x 330mm with a handle length of 609mm which means the straps are long enough to put the bag over your shoulder. The PET material is also made from recycled bottles that have been woven into fabric fibres so not only are you reusing but you are recycling too!