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Every year thousands of New Zealanders are exposed to dangerous levels of UV radiation while attending community events. As the organiser of an outdoor event you can help protect your participants, staff and volunteers by adopting a few simple sun protection measures.

The Cancer Society receives no direct government funding and relies on the generosity of the community in which it works. This generosity allows us to run our sun screen pole loan system for community events at no cost, if your event is not a community/fundraising event you may be asked for a contribution to the cost of these resources.

With all events, to qualify, event organisers must meet the health promotion objectives of the Cancer Society and meet our criteria listed below.

To see more SunSmart resources and information please click here.


To contact the Hawkes Bay Health Promoter please email us or call (06) 876 7638

Holding a community event... Take a look at our SunSmart & Smokefree-Vapefree events guides?

Sunsmart events guide. 

Click HERE to download


Smokefree-Vapefree events guide. 

Click HERE to download


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