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The Hawke’s Bay Cancer Society last launched its annual Daffodil Day T-shirt in 2021; designed by legendary New Zealand artist Dick Frizzell.


The Daffy to Daffy artwork was created especially for the Cancer Society and is immediately recognisable as a Dick Frizzell, as it follows his well-known format of an object morphing into something else, in this case Daffy Duck turning into a daffodil.


“When I’m under the pump, cartooning is always my #1 fall-back position. It’s pretty much how I see the world really.  

The ’Daffy/Daffy' thing stuck in my mind very early on.  My first idea was to have two daffodils conversing in Daffy-Duckisms but it fell a bit flat, and put me on the road to the final design…proving yet again that the quickest route to a good idea, is often a bad one.”


In previous years we have worked with some great artists from Hawke's Bay and around New Zealand.  In 2019 we worked with Jen Clayton, who designed a map of New Zealand composed of native flowers and a daffodil.  In 2018 we worked with Otis Frizzell to create a unique Southern Cross design.   In 2017 we worked with Sophie Blokker to create our Kiwi & Daffodil Shirt, in 2016 we worked with Max Parkes from Unit Design  and the 2015 we worked with Abby McKenzie.

Each T-shirt is designed with the Cancer Society Hawke's Bay in mind and the design reflects our organisation.

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